NICE technological expertise has permeated many aspects of life, expanding from financial services to technical infrastructure.

The NICE technological infrastructure is integral to smartphones, wearable devices, home appliances and automobiles essential to daily life in general.

NICE has discovered sustainable solutions for food and industrial packing materials with our eco-friendly coating technology.
친환경 코팅제 기술을 통해 식품 및 산업 포장재를 제작하는 리페이퍼 이미지 친환경 코팅제 기술을 통해 식품 및 산업 포장재를 제작하는 리페이퍼 이미지
Food packing materials
For ambient distribution, for cold distribution, for frozen distribution
Industrial packing materials
For farming, fishing, livestock farming, industrial
Other products that can be developed
PFAS-FREE pulse mold containers/ Vacuum skin packaging trays, etc.