Integrity Management Report

Procedure for reporting and protection of whistleblowers

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[category to be reported]
The items to be reported refer to all acts violating the Code of Ethics, including unlawful or unethical acts related to NICE Group employees and acts damaging the sound corporate culture, and also proposals related to improvement of irrational practices.
[Handling procedure]
When a report is received, it is determined to start a formal investigation or not through a preliminary investigation.

※ The case is closed without a formal investigation in the cases listed below:
1. When the report is not related to the Group executives, employees, or the offender, or the subject who committed the offense is not specified;
2. When the report details are clearly false or do not fall under the offenses even if true;
3. When the details are not clear or specific details are not indicated;
4. When the details are simple rumors or personal insults;
5. When it is clear the victim does not want investigation in a case reported by a person other than the victim;
6. When the whistleblower withdraws the report; or
7. When the report is related to managerial judgment on contracts or agreements;
[Protection of whistleblowers]
The identity of whistleblowers and details of the reported incident or case are thoroughly held confidential.
No one will suffer retribution, disadvantage, or discrimination based on reporting.
When someone suffers any retribution or disadvantage based on the report, corrective or disciplinary actions will be taken when it is reported to the Ethical Business Office of the NICE Holdings. If reporting cases fraud or unethical behavior related with a whistleblower, extenuation could be considered so that a level of disciplinary measure could be reduced.

Creation of a report

Enter the subject.
Enter the target entity being reported.
※ If you want to report a case in your real name, please indicate your full name and contact phone number.
※ The company may not proceed with investigation if the details are not specific or lack of grounds when a case is reported anonymously.
Please enter your e-mail address.
Please enter your phone number.

Reference Information

The identity of the whistleblower and the report details are strictly held confidential. Any unlawful attempts to obtain the whistleblower's identity shall be sternly sanctioned. When the offender reports his or her own offense, it will be reasonably handled with sufficient consideration of extenuating circumstances. When you wish to be informed of the details of follow-up actions concerning the report handling, you are entitled to a reply with the results by indicating the contact address (e-mail address, phone number, etc.) to have the reply sent on the report form. We also receive opinions on system supplement for the Group’s development by improving our operational processes.